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28th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Welcome to the Message Board!

Please be sure and read the following guidelines before posting any questions regarding Unreal Tournament 2003. It will GREATLY help us speed the process up by reducing the redundancy of asking the same questions to everyone everytime someone posts a question...

Be specific as possible. I can't tell you enough how annoying it is to have a question that is either poorly written, doesn't make sense, or is disgustingly vague. We need the details folks.

So to avoid any problems, include the following information: CPU Speed AND Type RAM Capacity (And speed if you know it) Video Card (Make and Model Number) Operating System DirectX Version Harddrive Capacity Detailed description of the problem, including error messages

If you're computer iliterate and don't know this information, check out the end of this post for specific instructions on easily obtaining that information.

Be polite. This should be a given, but sometimes people have to be reminded. And please understand that we are people too, and we make mistakes. Also, if we don't answer your question instantly that doesn't mean we're not looking into it, so please be patient.

Lay off the Newbs... I totally respect the "Newbs" that come to this board for help, and I'm honored they've chosen us over anyone else. Please don't insult anyone for having an interest to learn something.

If you don't know your system specs or how to get them, then follow these instructions:

1. Click the Start button, and click on "Run" from the menu.

2. In the Run window, type in "dxdiag" (without the quotemarks), and press Enter. Wait a moment for the program to finish loading, you'll see a blue progress indicator at the bottom.

3. This is the DirectX Dignostics Tool. By default you'll be on the "System" tab. Look at the bottom of the window for the button labled "Save All Information...", and click on it. This will bring up a Save menu so that you can save all the information into a Text file. Specify the destination (Your Desktop will work best for this), and click "Save".

4. Now that you've saved your system specs into a text file, open it up. Double click on the file, which you should have saved to your desktop, and select the entire contents of the file (Ctrl+A). And post it (Ctrl+C) into a Help Forum post.

One last thing, be sure and follow up if a solution works. Sometimes we don't know if the solution is the solution, so let us know if we're on target. It'll help us later if someone asks the same question later.

That's about it folks, happy posting! -[VSK]AgentSmith

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15th September 2004

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#2 12 years ago

Hey. A little update to the rules (the above are quite old but good :P )

When you post your problem, especially if it is a problem about an add-on (map, mod, etc.), especially third-party add-ons, please state the game you are having a problem in (UT, UT2K3, or UT2K4). I know this may sound trivial since we'd assume that most people have UT2004, but a lot of people still play the original UT and some still play UT2003).

Stating the game helps staff and everyone else nail down the problem a little better. Also, it eases the searches for possibly damaged files on (since I'll only have to look under that game and not the entire site).

This is optional but it would be a big help to me, and anyone else that might want to help.