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17th June 2002

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#1 14 years ago

Nerds Under Fire [NuF] OK we arent nerds but we are under fire a lot in game LOL the name is just for FuN its not to insist that the clan is full of Nerds even though most of us are :)

[NuF] is looking for Players to join us and just plain out have a lot of fun on our server

you can apply in our Forums just look for the apply section

for right now [NuF] does no leagues or match play we need more members first to begin with

maybe later we will but for now we are just a group of players looking for more people to join us we are all friends in [NuF] and will be glad to add some more

so basically we are recruiting right now

Server [NuF] Back 2 Beach 24/7 IP:

i just put the server back online so nows a good time to make it your home atleast it gives you bragging rights you can always say u was one of the first loyal players

For those who remember NuF used to be a server a while back it was taken offline and now its back we are the Same [NuF] the server is less laggy now as well most my friends from west coast USA ping 50-60 i have had players from UK pinging 100 and i even had a australlian guy pinging 150 thats a good connection

so drop in and play be sure to register the forums and post