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#1 16 years ago

Come kill nazis with us!

Well ladies and gentleman, it seems that pR^ is in need of recruits. For anyone out there that hasn't heard of us, we are a competitive CAL-M clan. The last season was a little messed up due to conficting schedules.

We are in need of a new start. We currently have the need for 5 players, count them, 1,2,3,4 and 5(ah ah ah) Members that are selected with be on our competing team, no bench-warmers with us.

The requirements are simple. 1. Anybody who wants to join a clan. 2. Each member must be ACTIVE!!! Please don't apply if you can't make it 5-6 days a week. Weekend play is normally just for fun. 3. Incredible skillz is not needed, but greatly appreciated 4. Have a good enough computer that can handle voice chat. We all know that the most skillful clan will not make it in CAL-main if we don't have teamwork and communication. 5. Most of all, have the desire to be part of a clan. When we are not playing, we are chatting. We are all like a second family to each other. Please bring a personality with you

If you answered yes to all of these requirements(hopefully not out loud), contact myself or pR^Lohkay in #pR^ at enterthegame. Be patient if we don't answer you right away, we are normally pubbin. :beer: