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Greetings! I am [SFI]WhiteKnight.I represent the clan SFI.We are an old clan,and have been around for over 3 years.We play and have played many games...and have even been recognized by game publishers such as Raven Software.Anyways,[SFI] has recently started an ET division,and we are now looking for new memebers.We already have about 16-20 members,from other divisions of our clan.About 50% of us are new,and the others have played a while.We have a 24/7 dedicated server now running.We are looking for players with the following attributes: -Dedicated/in for the long run -Active atleast a couple times a week -Atleast knows the basic ground rules of the game(until a little later). -Friendly/Kind/Helpful. -14 or older Optional Attributes---- -Willing to help out in certain ways -Can donate money to help pay for the servers -Interested in helping out with strategy. -------------------------------- The [SFI] community also has divisions in Battlefield:1942/DC,Star Wars Galaxies,Star Wars:Jedi Acadamy,Call of Duty/United Offensive,Counter-Strike,Eliteforce 1/2,No One Lives Forever 1/2,Star Wars Battlefront,Unreal Tournement 04,and are looking to expand in other games such as Half Life 2,and other major Multiplayer games.Please feel free to go to www.sficlan.net and browse!And if your interested in joining,either go to www.sficlan.net and post in our forums under the appropriate section,or contact me on MSN- [email="LILLIPPA328@comcast.net"]LILLIPPA328@comcast.net[/email] | Email- [email="LILLIPPA328@comcast.net"]LILLIPPA328@comcast.net[/email] | AIM - LILLIPPA283 . Thank you for your time. P.S.-I am also interested in setting up alliances who would wish to do future friendly matches.Contact me if you would like to talk.