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21st November 2004

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*T3* is a multi game clan that is built on good sportsmanship and having fun. We play to have fun. Thats what games are for. To relax and have fun. We currently play Call Of Duty, Red Faction, Unreal Tournament 2004, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and more to come. We have members from around the world and are earning gamers respect when they meet us. Our clan has been around for 2 years. We are here to stay and are well known in the games we play. Our clan is comprised of several leaders so decisions are democratic and fair. Most members have been with us for a long time. Our website is [color=red]www.t3clans.com[/color] and on it you will find links to our forums. Stop in and get to know us. Play in our servers, and most importantly Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what *T3* is all about. People who care about owning others in the game need not apply. Ownage isn't even remotely what *T3* is about. Our clan is built on good sportsmanship. A good attitude is the first and foremost quality we look for. This means you must get along well with others. We are like a large family of friends! We watch out for one another and help each other out when we can. Come by our forums and get to know us. [color=red]*T3*CLANS forum[/color]. Let the bodies hit the floor!