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22nd July 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hello Forum this is my first posting here. You who frequent the major UT2k3 forums will no doubt see this posting show up there as well (I plan on posting it everywhere I can).

This is call for modelers, mappers, coders, and anyone else who think they can help. I WANT TO BUILD THE BEST MATRIX BASED MULTIPLAYER MOD FOR UT2K3, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP.

Here is my vision:

1. 2 Teams: The Unplugged and Agents. Duh! Three Game types: Type 1: TDM Type 2: Capture the Key Maker Type 3: Objective

2. One player per server can be certain key characters (ie one Neo per server). What happens to those who log on as Neo with a server that already has a Neo you may ask? They are converted instantly to an Agent.

3. Weapons have unlimited ammo, but all need to reload. Agent Smith: "You're empty!".

4. Though all players can use any weapon, characters spawn with only particular weapons. When a player dies he drops ALL his weapons. I will enumerate who gets what:

Neo: (Undecided at this time).

Morpheus: Samuari Blade and full-auto Glock with 32-round magazine.

Trinity: The gun she sticks in Persephones face.

Twins: Straight Razor and the gun they use to shoot up the Caddy.

Agents: Any agent spawns with a Desert Eagle.

More special characters to come...

All players: Punch and kick.

5. Key players have special abilities.

Neo: Crouch jump allows him to fly. While standing still Neo is invulnerable to bullets.

Twins: Can go into and out of special ghost mode. While standing still, they phase into ghost mode while being shot at (thus, are invulnerable as well).

Agent Smith: Can turn any other player into an Agent Smith.

All players can do the apoc matrix mod accrobats.

6. Bullet Time will be incorporated but not controlable. It will occur and end randomly while covering varing lengths of time much like the original monkeymatrix mod.

I know that there are other Matrix based mods in the works ( ), but i think that you can see my idea is decidedly different. At the time of this writing I personally do not have the u-script skills (atleast not for a project of this magnitude) do even begin. But i do have web skills (PHP, Flash, etc...) to build and maintain a site for this project and i will donate the space for it (seeing as I am co-pres of aka Version2 Web Development). I will also look into setting up a paypal donation account for those of you who may not have the skills but would like to see this become a reality. I pledge that all proceeds will go to those who actively contribute to the completion of this project. Feel free to contact me at [email][/email], a special account I set up for those interested in this idea.

Thanks to any and all who read this over.

I'm not counting on any response but will gladly take criticism, ideas, thoughts, and feelings about this project seriously. Thanks in advance to any who decide to volunteer.


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10th May 2003

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#2 17 years ago

yeah we are getting togther a matrix mod team i think i added u to my msn messanger,