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#1 19 years ago

hi, just wondering if the custom maps could hav the following:

BATTLES IN BACKGROUND (just soldiers from both sides figthing under rtcw´s ai; or spawnig among the palyers to hav a hell of platoon attaking)

CIVILIANS (2 complicate the things a little)

SP BULLETPROOF AND HELMETS (spawnig at selected places during the game)

VEHICLES WITH A PATH (not to say controled by players, just vehicles with a given path like in the sp rocket map, may be a tank)

FULLY DESTRUCTABLE STRUCTURES (to change the scenario during the game, allowing u to access other zones blocked before)

PICKABLE GUNS (like an arsenal, spots u broke into and grab the stuff)

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just thinking out loud. May be someone figure this things out, or may be SP and MP r just 2 different. :smack: