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#1 10 years ago

I need help setting up a few things in [[[ ET 2.55 with ETPub 0.8.1 Mod ]]]. 1) I would like to know the configuration to play a .wav file at the beginning of each map. Like part of a song...etc. 2) I also want to play some .wav(s) (like a world sound) continually throughout the map regardless of where in the map a player is. How do I do this? I have seen references to g_spawn.c on the internet but I think that is for etpro. 3) The other thing I would like to do is configure a sound when jumping as apposed to jump/landing. This is a long shot and don't expect much help on this one. If anyone has knowledge on these tasks please provide details in your post. I will humbly kiss your arse in front of the whole online world.