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18th June 2003

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we are currently recruiting for a unreal tournament 2004 clan called fallen angels. the clan will be propperly started in march 2004 apun the release of unrealtournament2004. it will ber mainly for onslaught which you can play on the ut2004 demo. we are recruiting many different ranks from rockateer , sniper and anti vechileist to tank driver , hover bikeist and areoplaneist. you will have your position under you name and will stick to this so that we can be sure we have enough positions for a match. a website will be posted here shprtly with more info. email me if you want to join and with what position you are best at- aeroplaneists must be good at fireing and dodgeing missiles and hoverbikeists (mantra) must be good at jumping to avoid gunfire and swooping to take out ground troops. we will also need to recruit engineer's for building power nodes.

email me if you want to join or want more information about this clan on [email]lukesmith123@hotmail.com[/email]

yours monkily