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#1 19 years ago

i don't know what i'm doing i'm trying to get some new skins for rtcw i down load them but i don't know how to make them work some one plz show me


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#2 19 years ago

LOL sry were mappers not skinners. For the skins you got isn't there a readme file with them?. If there is be sure to check it as they usually have instructions in them.


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#3 19 years ago

few things could be happeing. you could have too many skins in ur main so u cant see any of them and also you could not have them in main at all. Make sure you only have one axis and one allie skin in main at once...keep others in seperate folder outside of main for easy switching....there may be other problems but go to the skins or errors section of the forum for more reliable answers.