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24th June 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hey guys.

This mod sounds kick ass sweet so far. Sure it has some flaws that need to be worked on, but not that many in my IMO. I play Medic in RtCW about 98% of the time, and look forward to playing Medic in this mod as well. Despite what some others opinions are on the whole Medic situation, I like the idea. As it does give a more realistic feel for the whole Medic class, and what the class of Medic is all about in real life combat. The only question I would have on the Medic class is, will Medics have the option to pick up weapons?

I hope this mod does very well, as you all know that having mods excepted into the wolf community is pretty ruff. As you can look around and still find a lot of servers playing beach only.

I would also like to see this be excepted into the league format, as I think it would do very well in a competitive atmosphere.

If I could add any suggestions at this time, I would like to put one out there for you guys. It would be very cool if not only panzer wilding soldiers were able to lean and fire, but every class have that option.

Keep up the good work guys, my clan members and I look forward to the release and I will try to help get the word out there as well.


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7th July 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Thank you ShellShock :)

Unfortunately (for me at least, and you) I removed the ability for medics to heal enemies. Too many people saw this as an exploit hole, and they are right.

Honestly, Im not sure if medics can pick up weapons. We've only tested with a max of 2 players at a time :). I dont think they can though...

We cant give lean firing to everyone. Firsly, we dont know how to animate models, and thus we can animate the character leaning. We may / may not even leave the pfaust leanfire in. It can potentially cause problems.

I was thinking clans/leagues might like this, but wasnt sure. :cool: