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#1 13 years ago

Hey guys, i need help getting the FG42 to work properly in RTCW MP. Now i got everything working properly except the scope. It won't switch to scope mode at all at the moment and i was wondering if someone could tell me how to enable the scope mode for this gun in MP. You can post code or you can even tell me what files to edit and where and i could pick it up. I appreciate any and all help and it would be awesome.


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#2 13 years ago

Iam a little confused you mean MG42 mounted machine gun , or your sniper soldier class weapon, the scope wont zoom? try using z then use your mouse wheel to zoom , sorry not sure what ya mean mate



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#3 13 years ago

FG42 is paratrooper rifle. (Automatic Sniper Rifle that you can get as a covert op)