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17th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

hi, im looking for a mapper that is able to make an easy trench map for my clan. its very easy to make and all credit for the map goes to the guy ho made it. we would like to have it like this: 2 trenches on each side and a downwards hill in the middle with each 3 flags that you have to capture, we woulds like those trenches made with wooden trench walls like in MP_beach, and you must be albe to jump up some crates to fire at the enemy with your gun or the portable mg42 our clan all tried mapping but were complete n00bs when it comes to mapping we also dont mind if the guys sets the map on rtcw files or an other download site, my email is: [email="hawk_2nd@hotmail.com"]hawk_2nd@hotmail.com[/email]