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#1 16 years ago

I downloaded and installed 1.33 and the goty map packs. I unzipped the maps to my rtcw folder with all the other maps. When loading the gamestate an error comes up "unable to load mp_*.bsp"

any help/advice?

thanks Kalmal


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#2 16 years ago

Hi Kalmal,

Have the maps installed into the correct location? This is the only prob I can think of that would cause this. I believe GOTY mappak installs into default RTCW location unless you specify where they are to go. Check your "Return To Castle Wolfenstein/main" directory and check for these files;

mp_pakmaps5.pk3 (Dam), mp_pakmaps4.pk3 (Tram), mp_pakmaps3.pk3 (Chateau), mp_pakmaps2.pk3 (Keep), mp_pakmaps1.pk3 (Ice), mp_pakmaps0.pk3 (Trenchtoast). (there may be some I missed, but any *.pk3 file anywhere on your PC other than in RTCW is almost certainly misplaced)

If they aren't there do a search on your PC and find where they are then copy into the correct directory. If they are already there I'm not sure what's happening.

Hope this helps

:cya: steve