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#1 12 years ago

I have asked on another forum but thought i would ask here as we havent had much luck sorting it out. ME>> Last night I uploaded a new sound pack and weapon and player skins to my jaymod server.. Everything went fine untill I exec'ed the server.cfg.. it said "RESTARTING" and I waited a minute and then it just kind of froze. SO I figured maybe it was my computer, I then reconnected and the server must have froze while it was down or something b/c now it wont come back up.. Here is a picture of the error I got 2exv5vt.jpg Also I am having GREAT trouble with my admin on my server.... Jaymod.cfg is set at set g_shrubbot "shrubbot.cfg" and I have a working shrubbot.cfg which is also in the jaymod directory. but when I try to exec the shrubbot.cfg or the jaymod.cfg it says execing but then I dont see any change. I tried /rcon setlevel criminal 4 and /rcon setlevel 4 criminal.... but both give me an error like, player not connected or level not specified.. I really need to get both of these problems fixed if anyone could help.... thanks icon_biggrin.gif ME>> I figured I would also post my shrubbot.cfg for you all, maybe theres an error im not seeing.. [level] level = 0 name = ^1Server ^7Regular flags = a greeting = [level] level = 1 name = ^1S^7erver ^1R^7egular flags = CEghiu greeting = [level] level = 2 name = ^1[^7eX^1 ^1C^7lan ^1M^7ember! flags = ACEHIPghiu greeting = ^1[^7eX^1 ^1C^7lan ^1M^7ember ^1i^7s ^1e^7ntering [level] level = 3 name = ^1P^7ro ^1M^7ember flags = 1239ABCEGHILNPXySUabceghiklmnpuvz greeting = ^1P^7ro ^1M^7ember ^1i^7s ^1e^7ntering [level] level = 4 name = ^1[^7eX^1] ^7L^1eader flags = * greeting = ^1C^7lan ^1L^7eader ^1i^7s ^1E^7ntering! OTHER>> check your server hunk megs, increase them because it sounds like its starving for memory. Also what version of jaymod are you running? if its 2.1.1 you need to set g_shrubbot to 1 instead of shrubbot.cfg don't ever exec the shrubbot.cfg because bad things happen. ME>> thanks were running 2.0.4 and how do i increase the hunks? CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP IT IS DRVING ME INSANE!!!! thanks