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#1 14 years ago

Now when I intially played Wolf I had a system on Windows 2000 and it ran just fine. Now I have a new machine that runs on WindowsXP Home Edition. Here are the Specs: Pentium 4 HT CPU 2.40 ghz 768 MB of RAM 256MB ATI Radeon 9550 8x AGP 160GB HDD Now I have the latest Drivers for all my hardware and software. I tried Patching this game, tweaking it, shooting it, and throwing it around the room like a frisbee. Obviously none of these methods really helped any. The only crash I get is whenever a person dies in the game it crashes to the desktop. That may be the only thing keeping me from playing it. I also cannot load up MP either and I have no clue why. (not important because I prefer ET) The main thing is that I like the SP game and I would love to go through it again. Please could you help me? -Crowind Clan Phoenix of Unreal. P.S. Don't include rude comments about my computer. ;)