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7th May 2003

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#1 16 years ago


I am a begginer to SFC series, but am quickley becoming hooked. I got a few questions and a possible a gripe that i am hoping you can help me with. I have been playing a few online campaigns in public servers, the only problem with this is the number of quiters and idiots that i have encountered, people quitting game when loosing a fight they started and so forth. I know i woould get a better game if i got signed up for clans and things but i dont have the time for the inevitable BS that normally comes with internet clan gaming

anyway my querys. overchargin weapons = good. it took me an ridiculus ammount of time to realise that setting total ship drain to (example) 119.9 with max warp output at 120, was not good power management but very dum. especially when you leave your sheilds at default and have to hide for a week to recharge them. Doh.

but is a max overpowered (about 200% i guess) phaser twice as powerful? or is the max efficiency set to lets say, 150%? what about torps? it seems that the more power you cram into photons the more power you get at an increased rate (i estimate that 150% = 50% more damage, 200% power seems like 300% damage,, and i would guess that if you could get 300% power in it would blow up a planet if it passed it to close. what do you think?

next, I had a one on one with my sphere prime and a galaxy class. i was ashamed of my performance but i am not new to online gaming and have a strange feeling i could detect weighted dice. tell me if this fits. my ship: sphere prime, warp 10, 4 heavy cutters F, 2 torps, tractor 5, armour 5, and a legendary crew, (4 shield inversion beams but all offline for one on one) all weapons face forward and are fully overcharged

his ship: galaxy class. 3 - 4 phasers cant remember what but not pulse, 2 or 3 poleron. no shields shown at all. and i witnessed a impulse speed of 85.0 (aledgedly he has been seen doing 100.0)

he flew straight at me with no sheilds showing and took all weapons dead on the nose at range 10. it did approx 10% hull damage max, he had slowed to about 30 by range 10 and dropped a mine inside my hull, i liked that one it was a sweeeeeet shot. as i was just coasting along then started turning like some form of excessively quick, almost constant half rapid manouver speed freakish thing, i did a high energy turn on his next pass and grabbed him with my fully charged tractor 5. and emptied another full barrage into him. missed half torps but direct on hull with the rest. maybe did annother 10% damage at most. he shook of the tractor in under 3 seconds and then preceeded to blow me up to in two passes with his fairly underpowered ship.

I have been completely unable to replicate the battle. even with full impulse low weight and good thrusters i couldnt get his speed and manouverability on a galaxy or anything else. at max impulse engine your warp and therefore weapons are somewhat pants as well. please help me, what am i missing?

something tells me he has somehow loaded a "very" custom ship. I have just read my account above and i assume you will proably view it as exagerasion or whatever, but i know what i saw and it didnt seem right. FYI i am one of the best loosers you will ever meet, i have had a lot of practise. and do not ever resent in any way those you can outperform me in design or piloting, i jus dont get wot e did.

last one. how do i make the borg tractor do damage?

wow thats more than i have writtain at work in a fortnight.

thanks for any help you are about to give me.



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28th February 2003

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#2 16 years ago

To use the Borg's tractor beam as a weapon, go to the tracter display and select 'weapon' as you would for 'repel' or 'hold'. Once you've tractored a ship, it will do damage for as long as it holds up.

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4th May 2003

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#3 16 years ago

There was a long thread on the Taldren forums about this very thing.

It seams that it is possible to build a capitol ship that can move at 85 or so if you have no shields. I think it is rediculous to have a sovereign be able to out manuver a delta flyer.

Apparently the weapons have little effect against this build because of the penalty they get for targeting a ship moving so fast.

This does not explain why you did little damage to him once he was tractered. That sounds odd to me.

Keep in mind I do not have SFC3 yet but only report what others in that thread remarked on.

I think that if there is another patch this issue needs to be adressed otherwise 95% of the builds well be like this and the game will be just a bad fighter sim instead of capitol ship combat.

I saw this game for 29 bucks at a store in a mall. So is it woth that?

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15th May 2003

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#4 16 years ago

You bet its worth that.


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15th July 2003

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#5 16 years ago

I saw this game for 29 bucks at a store in a mall. So is it worth that?

It is one of those games where you start playing it and after awhile look up at the clock and realize it 4 hours later... and you have to be at work in 3 hours... AND it feels great to have your ships go up against a Romulan Warbird and destroy that massive ship (I went up against one with 2 defiants and won) Its also fun to work together with total strangers in battle and succeed as a team.

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