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#1 16 years ago

:smack:sorry to sound stupid people but im a newbie and ive been playing avp2 ,hosting and joining servers, with no problem but when i host a server on rtcw i can go in but my mates cant find me?do i have to rent a server or am i doing something wrong?can somebody please help me?cheers for your time and i know this is probably stupid and everybody knows but thanks for letting me know!cheers.... :rock:

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#2 16 years ago

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not being an expert either - I'm probably barking up the wrong tree here, but -

When you create a server you should get the Wolf Console (the server screen itself will disappear)If you then run Wolfenstein again your game will appear in the list. I made the mistake of deleting or quiting the Wolf Console and hence couldn't create a server. It's a pain - especially when AVP2 makes it so easy to create servers. Hope this helps, Eckie.:rock:


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#3 16 years ago

:rock: cheers my friend!ill try it but when i do launch it i dont see a wolf console it just goes straight in like i joined a server?!?maybe im doing something wrong?my mate told me i might have to buy/rent a server?why can it not be as simple as avp2???cheers anyway..ill try and let you know...



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#4 16 years ago

Hey all, Take a look at for some files that can help u run a server. Also has some great help in tweaking it. wolfsig1b.jpg

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#5 16 years ago

Isn´t there a "Public Server" checkbox or anything? :D Dunno but I know quite some games have that :) good luck!

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#6 16 years ago

If you are behind a firewall, this can prevent your server from appearing on the list of available servers. You will see your server in LOCAL but not internet.

Make sure your setting in your "create host" setup are correct. Most often, the problem is you are dedicated to LAN or LOCAL. Dedicate (default is "no") to INTERNET.

Start the server. Remaining will be the wolf console. You can NOW start RTCW again, allowing the console to run.

You should see your server show up if you search LOCAL and should be able to see your server once you get a new list for servers. It should be up near the top of the list when sorting by PING.

Join your own server through the LOCAL as this seems to help immensely. Others will be able to join your game from the internet. Any other computers you might have on your network, should also join the server through LOCAL. They will have much better PINGS since it is direct to your host computer.

Good luck! Jeff