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#1 16 years ago

PC Crashed. Re-formatted but saved RTCW files to disk. Installed game and copied save game file into directory, which is recognised, but error message "insufficient free disk space" comes up when loading saved game. Don't understand this as all the other games with saved files have worked. Any ideas ?


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#2 16 years ago

Ok, got an answer for you. I know this works because I have transfered my saved games to another computer on my network so I could play them on that computer.

Open your RTCW folder, open Main, and copy the folder "save"

Depending how many saves you have, the file will be larger than floppy size. Mine is about 5 megs. Anyway, copy that file, and put in a safe folder outside your RTCW files. Uninstall the game (you may simply have to delete all the files if you just copied the entire RTCW file)

Reinstall RTCW, Install the latest patch, and then move your "save" folder back into main and replace all files there.

My HD crashed and I was able to salvage my game from the old HD before it completely died, but found that it would not install new patches, also important files like "safe mode" start up were not there. Reinstalling the game did the trick.

Good luck Jeff