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4th September 2008

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#1 12 years ago

were my favourite levels... wtf is wrong with adding a fear element into the game. why take the bar out why take wild territory out, why not stick with the old game HUD why have god rays when the sun NEVER does that unless its UTTERY dusty. the whole area is drowned in sunlight even at low god rays it looks like assasin's creed not a horror game! why not add mutants/ guns/ artefacts/game properties that civilian modders could add to the game?! the game assumes you're retarded, completely inexperienced at shootring games, a total pussy so no scary underground levels for you agroprom was basically a quick jog...i killed the controller with a knife. they changed strelok's voice to a really perky happy teenager rather than the depressed quiet dreary guy in the first one. this game was supposed to be the valhalla of shadow of chernobyl fans except GSC seem to have thought anyone who played the first game hated it so they changed everything which made stalker- stalker. EVEN THE GRASS only loads up a small radius around the camera an you can actually see terrain map lines on the bare hills a few meters away. there's is no immersion nps get stuck on terrain... game crashes like nothing else GAAAAAAAH


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#2 12 years ago

So true! I kept thinking about that, as much as in SoC that the underground levels scared the shit out of me, I could not believe that there weren't any in CS...

The new agroprom was weak. I find it hilarious that you knifed the controller, I find it more hilarious I did the same thing on Veteran my first playthrough (after learning its easier than shooting him, from SoC)

As much as the undergrounds in SoC scared me... I was very very dissapointed they didn't add a lot more of it to CS... I mean really... they should have. Especially since the traders would talk about the underground a lot... wtf...

AND WTF IS UP with GRASS / PLANTS not spawning at a VERY visible distance on screen??? ITS RE _TAR _DED that the damn grass appears as I walk around instead off as far as my distance view is set to (max) WTF!?!? Did this in SoC too, I hate it soo much... it makes the game look retarded when your showing it to people, Not to mention totally f***s up the atmosphere... whatever... developers fail more and more every day :) Just like our government! :)