Bandits EASTER EGGS Stash Information!! Secret... Wow -1 reply

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30th September 2008

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#21 12 years ago
EdgarHighmen;4591217 Is the easter eggs thing normal? I'll look into it more after I knife them both without dying.

I allways get the "Easter Egg" info somehow somewhere. I think these stash infos are given randomly for every x body you inspect or something and the Easter Egg is nowhere near the bottom of the list.

Btw you should absolutely kill the two robbers. If not they will react violently towards you later if you come upon them when visiting Bandit HQ. Other bandits will not mind if you kill them. It's not as in SoC when killing one member of a faction makes you enemy with them all. Check your PDA and see if they are red contrary to the other green bandits. This also goes for later occasions when Freedom will ask you to kill Stalkers (they will not even be marked in red). They don't like it much but it do not turn them enemy if it's part of a campaign.

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8th October 2008

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#22 12 years ago

i got the easter egg stash aswell (the same one as in the picture) however i got it from a dead duty member. and like every body else, i was very dissapointed with it. i thought it was gonna be something about the making of the game, or a guitar (like the easter egg in SoC) but alass, no


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14th August 2008

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#23 12 years ago

EdgarHighmen;4591217So I've been friendly with the bandits this game, and they just robbed EVERYTHING I own (you know when/where)

so I go to get my stuff back, and they're friendly? Sitting there playing guitar... can't talk to them... so I KNIFE EM, i loot one, it says Stash Info Received: Easter Eggs, and before I could loot the other (he shot me before I knifed him too) I bled to death

Is the easter eggs thing normal? I'll look into it more after I knife them both without dying.

This time around I noticed my stuff is in a stash, I picked it up, tried talking to one of them... shot him, shot the other, neither of them gave me that loot message.

Reloading, gonna stab em again.

Do either of them (as friendlys) offer special quest?

Tried AGAIN, knifed them both, looted em, didn't say anything about the Easter Eggs stash,

First time I did it, I knifed Senka (lighter colored bandit) then I searched him, then I tried to knife the 2nd one (darker), and killed him, but I bled out

wow, AGAIN, tried it AGAIN, re-did what I originally did 1st time, Looted Senka before I tried to kill the 2nd one, and it said Stash info received Easter Eggs - but the 2nd one killed me before I could do anything (look at map/fight back etc.)

I found the same type of stash information on a Bandit in Agropom. I think there are some NPC's out there with this type of info but finding the right guy is difficult.

The contents of this Easter Egg stash was an "Akaban" and Ammo.