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#11 11 years ago

Those aren't the OL values I remember playing with, these new values are disgustingly cheap... and the game is still fubar and rigged ! Swear to god I should make a youtube video showing how much it sucks

I'm using pistol ironsights mod, dunno if thats it but, all of the pistols the bullets shoot to the right of the FRONT sight on the guns... A little less on the rifles... the VAL or w/e without scope non sniper rifle shoots like less than 100 feet... bullets drop so much... and the sights on that rifle... WOW... It'd add to gameplay if they at least moved...

all the guns on duty's range use 9mm... does that explain the suck factor? Do the ironsights not shooting where they are supposed to ruin it? Or is it just the fact that when you center your ironsights on the middle of the yellow on each of those targets (esp the closest ones) your bullets don't hit the target AT ALL... wow... fubar.

I like how when the games over it says GAME OVER RETURN TO MASTER

Its like the stupid thing is still BETA !!!!! wow...

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