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8th October 2008

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#11 12 years ago

seriously now...I subscribe to what you pointed out here guys... I think the project leader of the development team or who ever that moron who wrote the screenplay was....he doesn't have a clue how a real story should "sound".And if you think a little it would it be so simple...

It would have made a BIG difference if...you could REALLY join a faction with unic weapons, rewards, equipment and script (how the game would evolve to its end;another ending etc) and NO that annoying spawning thing and worthless , sporadic pseudo-fighting wars between so-called factions...All these plus the bugs (NPC exagerated box , you can not walk to a door for example which is stupid;Bandits firing at you in their base but you can't holster your weapon;lack of clues where the flash drives are when you need them for upgrades, no rules concerning when you can take quests from NPC and when you can't and many others)

For me, people who make from spawning a feature in a game , they don't know how to make a game at all.The STORY can make a difference and the actions which are determined because of IT and not the spawning of monsters , enemies etc...That is why HALF LIFE was a good game.It "lacked" the spawning shit thing.You knew how many bad guys you have to deal with in a fight and after all was over you could plan the next move resting your mind.A half life with spawning enemies would have been a disaster....maybe I exagerate a bit, but you caught my drift ;)

PS - I wonder if they have scouts who read what people who play their game feel and think.

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