HELP! Bug/Glitch - Im stuck at a scene in GARBAGE -1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

When I go into the door at Flea Market in Garbage when I get the quest - after the FADE TO BLACK scene the camera just shows an image from the ground looking up at a wall and its fuzzy, then it moves to either looking at the wall on the right of the steps from the steps - or looking down in the direction I came down the steps to begin with

and the image just sits there, fuzzy a bit, leaves blowing through the room, no NPC's no TEXT no AUDIO of anything other than the wind... wtf? This has happened to me 3 times now (Once when I totally restarted cause the whole game became FUBAR, Once just now and I thought it was because I backed up when I thought something fishy was going on, and then slowly crept down, and now AGAIN, this time I made a run for it down the steps - but still I'm trapped looking at a wall... not from first person either, the screen is void of GUI/HUD/NPC/Dialogue etc.)

HELP! What would cause this? Yes I have mods installed... AMK Sleeping bag, Fair Trade 1.0, I did some modifications to outfit.ltx, I did Freedom mechanic fix V2, edited some actor.ltx/system.ltx(carry weight) and other personal mods, but don't know what would cause this.~


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20th November 2007

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#2 12 years ago

your refering to the bandits that close the doors when you roll in to pawn ...i looked in that building its missing its guts ? what's going on in there ...wierd stuff was happening to me like my guns were in my hand i couldn't fire my weapons thier shooting at me ...then i could shoot few mins pasted and was able to shoot again?


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#3 12 years ago

What? No, I don't know what your saying. ... f*ck... I can't play the game until I get this fixed... I am screwed.

I even tried removing my gamedata folder, but that caused the game to CRASH when I loaded a saved game. ... need some help!