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30th September 2008

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#31 12 years ago

N88TR;4585166I'm playing 2 steps above Easy mode and I keep getting cut down by that MG at the start of the Cordon, at the Military base. It's like a one-shot weapon kill... I've tried sniping the guy but he takes 12 hits in the chest and doesn't die.

I usually sprint the tree on the right, take cover, wait for the fire to stop, sprint to the big rock on the left, and then shoot out the boxes under the tree further to the left, get under there, and then sprint way off to the left to avoid more MG fire. But now that I'm on a harder difficultly, I can't make it more than like 2 feet past the big tree on the left before I'm cut down.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Since I have just gone through this in Veteran mode, I found out the following facts: - It's not much use coming to this spot wearing a wornout CS-suit. One single shot from the MG will kill you. I tried to outrun the MG many times througn one full hour, and allways with the same lethal result. (I've done the same run successfully in lower difficulty several times, no big deal) - then I got the idea that I should go back to the Swamp HQ and upgrade my suit to get better results. The way back through the tunnel was heavily bugged, and only on the fourth try did I get through without CTD and a bugreport that didn't work either! You are meant to be able to go back. You have fullfilled the last quest in the Swamps, which is "Go to Cordon with the guide". - when I finally, to my great relief, was standing on Swamp ground again, I saw on my PDA that the northern port to Cordon was open. I ran for that as I had other plans for my money than upgrading an armor I did not plan to keep. And I came through to Cordon west of the Stalker HQ. But the stalkers did not like me, in fact did not like Mercs at all and cried out that this was stalker country and I had to get away. As I had to pass under the railway bridge to come down to Sidorovich, I had no other options than to shoot back at the aggressive stalker guards. I tried to be a good person and only killed a couple of them and made a run for it, and down in the newbie camp I was welcomed by grumpy Sid and since then the game has been running as it should.

So you do not have to outrun the MG psychopath, but you have a bug to clear to do otherwise.