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10th December 2008

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#1 11 years ago

So I'm on my second play through and I got to the point where I could go to the red forest. I still only have the clear sky armor so I decided to go, join duty and destroy the freedom base and get some awesome reward armor. I spent all my savings on upgrading a few weapons for the assault and buying bandages. Well it seemed it was money well spent because the assault lasted hours upon hours. Painstakingly moving the duty squads just a bit further then the last before they fall and then waiting for a new squad to come and repeat the process. Well a while in I noticed a lot of the times I would get an objective and It would get canceled moments before I finished it. Well in the end I almost single handedly cleared out the freedom base because the duty squads did not come often enough but the doors locked with one freedom guy inside. Well the duty squads made it, of course, after all this and they stacked up against the door until some of them clipped through and shot the last freedom guy in the base. W00t, mission complete! I look down

Mission Clear Freedom Base: CANCLED!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF I spent hours doing this shit so I could get the armor and I don't get any credit because I did not kill the last fucking guy! I want my reward, I don't care what it takes, mods, cheats whatever I just NEED better armor before I go into the Red Forest.

TL;DR I spent all my money gearing up to attack the freedom base once I cleared the freedom base it glitched and I'm not getting a reward, I need that reward so I need help!


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#2 9 years ago

All you guys are woozes. Can't you eliminate anything without help? You also get your SEVA suit from duty at AGRO, after you flood the underground! If your aiming for something different then so be it?