MISSION FAILED - Blow the tunnel? (Not my mission -man on radio) -1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

What is that about? I was in the bandit/military base from SoC where you go down into the lab in dark valley (SoC) and it was empty, I found some loot and when I was looking for artifacts there was a radio message (that didn't show text on screen or record in message logs) that their mission was failed and to blow the tunnel- I don't think there was ever a way into that tunnel - but whats that about???

I also jumped around freedom base in dark valley and ended up exploring everything (high radiation, "Battery" artifact, and a stupid BTR that shoots you dead if you go in front of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So not walking in front of the BTR again, I talked to people, and eventually found my way through a window and spoke to the big cheese, he gave me information regarding his commandant - but I wasn't up to this part of the game yet - so I guess I got the information early? Is this bad?

So THEN I went and spoke to the commandant for the very first time about a "Certain stalker friend" from SoC and he gave me a mission - i did it, didn't head back, noticed mercenaries at the farm far south of my map, headed down there to check it out... died... hadn't saved since I met the "Big Cheese" at freedom

so i'm reloading, and hopefully this time I can join the quest with freedom to attack the mercs - will my game be messed up for talking to Big Cheese - before FIRST EVER talking with commandant?

Edit: So I continued on, and Yes, I guess it is bad... cause I've ended up with a mission to eliminate the mercs - BUT - they're already dead... so the mission stays incomplete... muckluck.