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#1 12 years ago

Hey. I live in Denmark and i bought the game this last week. The issue i have is that after i installed and installed patch 1.001 it was version 1.503 and i was able to play online, THEN i installed the patch i get "WRONG VERSION" every time i try to connect a server. (and i'm not stupid, I AM trying to connect to servers) (on windows VISTA)

That was 2 days ago...

Yesterday i installed game on my Windows XP the new game and i am not able to see servers anymore i get a split second message where i can see "connecting to master server" and then-.... NOTHING happends... BLANK no servers at all!!!



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#2 12 years ago

Does all of yours multiplayer work ?!?!?:confused:


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11th September 2008

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#3 12 years ago

Ruszek83, go and try your luck in GSC forums: GSC Game World - Official Site They seem to open again, for a while at least :)