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17th November 2007

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#1 12 years ago

ok i can empty half a clip into someones chest and they are still kicking? they catch on fire and walk around shooting at me grenades do next to no damage to them and they can throw grenades more accurate then they shoot they see at night and through trees and brush have almost unlimited endurance have better skin than my armor and NEVER carry much loot and NO money..




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21st May 2008

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#2 12 years ago

Life in the Zone can be hard eh? :D My biggest annoyance is that you can't loot money.. And about their uber-armor, once you upgraded a gun, +- 4 shots get them down nice.



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23rd July 2008

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#3 12 years ago

AP rounds for people with "armor" (like metal plates and kevlar such as exosuits, berrilli armored suits, SKAT -9, duty PZD-9) Regular rounds for people with cloth armor (leather jacket, bandit coat, freedom wind suit)

You can't loot money but SOMEHOW NPC's can loot money from you. And I do admit that they are actually damn accurate and for me the grenades come in the pairs. I'm serious if I stay in one place for more then 10 seconds a couple of guys simulatiously throw grenades at my ass. Luckily the blast radius is low for grenades. And for some reason the grenade has to be shoved up your dick and held on for the grenade to actually kill you so grenades are actually useless to me.

I don't notice the unlimited endurance because NPC's hardly sprint ever. NPC's aren't magic people in my game. If I hide in a thin bush ofcourse they can see me but in a big bush if I'm in the center I've had a patrol of army actually stand right next to my bush and they didn't even see me.

I do admit they don't take alot of fire damage.


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16th September 2008

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#4 12 years ago
Elysium666;4580531Life in the Zone can be hard eh? :D

This pretty much sums it up. Life is hard, grenades suck, people take your money, and if you fall asleep mutant dogs will come to drag you off into the swamp to feast on your intestines. Pretty much like real life, actually.....:Puzzled: