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#1 9 years ago

Hi everyboy, So I bought my copy of CS a month ago. I was so exited that i was gonna play but the problems started. So, I installed it and started it. Everytime i press New Game, it loads me VEEEEEERY slow. I have never (except one time) reached more than CLIENT: Synchronizing in the loading. It's stuck there. I wait for 20 minutes and it's still staying on CLIENT: Synchronizing. Then i have to reboot my comp. cuz there is no other way to stop it. Yesterday I tried to wait more time to load. I've waited almost 40 minutes and it was finished. I played with maybe under 1 FPS in the begining but with other 10 minutes, i could play normal. Unfortunately i died in the game and i had to wait another 40+10 min. to play again. I don't know where the problem is comin' from. My computer covers the requirements. Besides i have a friend with crapier comp than mine and he is playin' the game normal. Please guys ... Help me play em_smile_51.gif

Sun Zi

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#2 9 years ago

This may not solve your problem, but anyway: - make sure you have installed the latest patch for the game, the 1.05.8 (it works fine, but 1.05.9 is rumoured to be out in a matter of days and may be worth waiting for). - also make sure you have no programs running in the background. Anti-virus or registry-controlling software may sometimes cause delays like the one you are telling about. - take a look at how you have chosen your game (video etc) options. Maybe you have gone for more demanding options than what your PC can handle. Go for low quality all the way and see if that helps.

good luck

Sun Zi