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12th September 2008

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#31 10 years ago
EdgarHighmen;4579380Has anyone noticed that artefacts seem to be in Specific one time places and one time pickups? All my info pertains to the first area (as I haven't been in cordon long) For instance, the dirt tunnel in the swamps far west under the train tracks (a bit more west than the tracks has a GRAVI artifact - makes you hold 20kg more weight! cool. Sold it for about 9K-12K There's like 1 artefact for every large area of anomalies. The artefact you find in the beginning that does -2 radiation - YOU SHOULD KEEP IT I haven't found another artefact yet that negates radiation. There is a vintorez sniper rifle far north just past bandits and a train at the top of the map in the grass next to an anomaly on the train. anyone else got any tips/places? How do you get to the guy who died of thirst in cordon?

Found the Sniper but couldn't find the artifact. The rifle is well damaged so will try the one on the third floor of the Stalker camp. Everyone is having probs with AK's, if you want a very accurate TRs 301 help the single stalker at the caravan fight off a herd of four-legged thingy's, keep checking on him because there will be a point when he's on the ground needing a medi-pack, pick up his TRs 301 before treating him. You have to get it before more stalkers help him.