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#1 12 years ago

I just entered agroprom had stash information about some ugly old guy stealing their stuff/ the dehydrator - there's this building in the neutral stalker base (the stalkers are getting raped by bandits - who I'm also friendly with- isn't war profitable?) and the building has veils of something on the roof that does psy dmg, (makes me think of brain scorcher - but visible - also some in yantar near freedom base, and in swamps near electrical towers)

now inside the building it does psy damage too (can this kill you? I stayed in there for a bit, couldn't see JACK cause screen was everywhere) and I found 2 artifacts + the stash which had some Vog 25's scientific medkit and some pbp 9mm rounds maybe a rad kit or two as well~

whats up with that building? I LIKE IT A LOT

I also liked how the old bandit base - now freedom base - is empty and full of lots of radiation

- I just notice something!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you go to the underground lab in SoC for first time, its X18 right? doesn't matter... anyway you get the key from Borov - yes/no?

Borov is a guy in garbages current bandit base, who is/may take over in Yoga's place (I don't think I did their storyline correctly, as this time I didn't get options to speak to Borov about Yoga's screwing up)



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#2 12 years ago

Yes I was quite surprised of that building in the agroprom. I got my flash artifacts, looted the dead body, and got the hell out of there before I got killed.

It seems psy-damage and radiation is much more common in CS then SoC....strange.