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#1 8 years ago

After going to Pripyat and coming back, how do I go to Pripyat again? Garry charges 10000 money units. Also what is the console command for creating money? I used him at least once thinking it was free.


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5th January 2009

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#2 8 years ago

Talk to the guide in the train station. If you want free travel change the files in gamedata/configs/scripts/dialogues jupiter and dialogues pripyat. You can change the checking of if the actor has enough money to access the dialogue also if necessary. part of jupiter dialogue function pay_cost_to_guide_to_pripyat(first_speaker, second_speaker) dialogs.relocate_money_from_actor(first_speaker, second_speaker, 5000) part of the pripyat dialogue function pay_cost_to_guide_to_jupiter(first_speaker, second_speaker) dialogs.relocate_money_from_actor(first_speaker, second_speaker, 7000) There might be a free guide mod also in the download section ?