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#1 11 years ago

Hey peeps, just a quick word to say that although I am no experienced moddification creator, I have played around with mods enough to bring a possible idea to teh table for someone with the capability to follow through if its feasible. Anyhow... The situation? The usual install of a mod simply involves copy and pasting, pre-altered/completely re-worked files over top of the default game files used once the 'game data' flag is set yes? The idea? How about instead of downloading multiple files of which only a small percent are user friendly(ie. I've seen many questions about how to use and install a mod repeatedly), a simple proggy that would extract the neccessary files from the database if need be, then access each required file and change tha values required. Mods that are compilations can have check boxes asking if particular mods should(n't) be installed, a record of what mods are installed, and an uninstall of any of them only a click away. Not sure if I've explained myself clearly enough or whether or not this idea would be far too complicated or not. Any thoughts?