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#1 8 years ago

Hey guys i'm new to this forum and I apologize if i'm making a redundant thread but i had trouble finding any good info on this.

Anyway to the point.

I'm in the process of recording gun sounds and editing them with audacity. The sounds in Cop are horrible and need fixing. I have modded gun sounds for a few games i've played. However i haven't dealt with .ogg format before and i have heard that they must be commented so that the AI responds to the sound.

Also is there anything in the weapons config that controls the sound parameters such as loop time, time limit etc? Anything to help make automatic guns sound realistic without the horrible cutoff effect when i alter the rate of fire too high. I was hoping there would be a program for the .ogg commenting someone has made or possibly in SDK however i wanted to get some good advice before i start delving into it.

Could someone please help me by telling me what i need to do to make my sounds function like the vanilla ones. Thanks