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#1 8 years ago

I have installed the REDUX patch/mod. Much better in terms of graphics etc. Unfortunately- I start the game without HUD. I read somehwere that this happened if you play on "Master" level, and as you start the game at the "Master" level I put it to "Stalker". But no effect. The game is seriously less to play without HUD- no minimap, no compass, no noise indicators, nothing. Can anyone tell me how to get that HUD back? Many thanks Lazarus


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5th January 2009

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#2 8 years ago

Try moving gamedata/textures/ui/ui_actor_hint_wnd and maybe ui_ingame2_common gamedata/configs/ui/maingame, maingame_16 , map_spots, map_spots_16, map_spots_relations, zone map gamedata/configs/ui/textures_descr/ui_actor_hint_wnd , ui_monsters_pda the sound for the npc beep should be gamedata/sounds/detectors/contact1 , contact8 or atleast thats how I removed that sound from my game I think These are just guesses. I haven't played the mod. Save the files and experiment with removing files to see what happens.