"Xray Engine 1.6 has stopped working" DX 11 Problems, Help! -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

The game will run fine for a short period, 30 min or so, then out of the blue it freezes, goes to a black screen, the sound goes in and out, then i get the "xray engine has stopped working thing. All My video drivers are up to date, i have 6 gb of ram so im fine there, core i7 and dual ATI 5770's. Ive already reinstalled the game, no fix. im running on all max settings, DX11

Fatal Error at bottom of Log:

0023:7566B727 KERNELBASE.dll 0023:6C6D2323 d3d11.dll 0023:6C7254E4 d3d11.dll