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#1 11 years ago

Hi there! Here is my problem... Hope its not a big one!

I want to enable the Beanpolev to sell the meds in the Clear sky base. Ive made custom meds aswell that iwant him to sell. I know how to edit traeder files but here is where I hit a wall:

The Scientist (Beanpolev) at the Clear Sky base does not trade by default, but i managed to get him to trade.

What i want to do is this: I want to create his own trader file which i call "trade_meds_mar_csky.ltx" This file will give the Scientist at the Clear Sky base all the meds.

When i edit the Scientist file called "mar_csky_scientist.ltx" (gamedata\configs\scripts\marsh) and add the "trade_meds_mar_csky.ltx" the game doesn't work. BUT when i add "trade_saharov.ltx" for example it works fine.

With Stalker you can edit and add pretty much anything to the game, cant you add an extra trader file? Maybe it has to have an #include "trade_meds_mar_csky.ltx" line somewhere?

---JUST FOR REFERENCE THE FILES I CHANGED--- These are the lines i added/ changed in the mar_csky_scientist.ltx file: trade = misc\trade\ trade_meds_mar_csky.ltx (i added this line at the beginning of the file) trade_enable = false (ive changed the false to true)

Later on i want to do the same with the bar man at Freedom. I made some stuff for them as well.

If anyone can help i would appreciate it! :bawl: