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#1 10 years ago

I've been searching thru the forums (not very thoroughly) but I've come to the conclusion that surely I can't be the only one thats noticed this. Kudos to the guys who renamed all the weapons. That was something I probably never would've taken the time to figure out. All the weapon models in the game are pretty much based on their real-life counterparts, right down to the writing on the side of the weapons. However, I noticed on the so-renamed "Winchester 1300" writing on the side. If you pause the game during a reload animation, you can see "Model 88" written on the side. Here is a gunbroker auction showing an actual Winchester 1300. Unfired Winchester 1300 Deer Slug shotgun : Pump at Here is another gunbroker auction showing a Mossberg Maverick Model 88. MAVERICK Model 88 - 12 Ga.[2 3/4" & 3"][18 1/2"] : Pump at This is the best pic I could find of the ingame Chaser 13. Its a retexture, but it shows the stock a lot better. - Screenshots for File: Retextured Winchester 1300 - Wood Parts Since you cant really see the writing on the ingame shotgun in that screenshot, compare the stocks on all 3. Where the Winchester stock connects to the rest of the gun, it comes to a point. However on the ingame shotgun and the Maverick 88, the stock is cut straight across. I hope this helps any future weapons renaming mods. Thanks for reading!


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#2 10 years ago

it's a mverick 88. gun nuts dont need writing, just the weapon it self. the 1300 and maverick have many notacible diffrences. 1300winchester_1300_camp_defender.jpg 885-MAVERICK88.jpg this one is my fav version of the 88.1%202616.jpg


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#3 10 years ago

I've got a Mossberg 500 setup like that minus the heatshield and flash hider. Oh, and my folding stock has a 5 shell holder on it.