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23rd August 2008

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#11 12 years ago

Alright alright - stop fighting.:( G36 - The German quality can beat anything, 5.56 NATO empowered by extreme accuracy and quality of manufacture - this rifle really kicks ass with ---- Special Police Forces (croatia Anti-terrorist unit uses them heavily trough every imaginable scenario - ship liberation, forest camp assaults, building entry trough sewer pipes (which are just enough for one man to fit in) etc... or if you want a larger image... scroll down to the end of the page... 16. obljetnica osnutka specijalne postrojbe policije „ALFA“ - SCAR - a really nice concept of having a sniper rifle ,lmg, assault rifle and a carbine in one - the barrel, grip,body - everything is interchangable-altough that is hard to do while you have 2 fanatics firing at you with ak-47's or ak-74's. It really sound to me like a budget-cut, why make different weapons when you can have only one - alotuhg it is definetely costly. P.S: SCAR is still undergoing performance-to-cost testing... that why it is not used so much. And it is complicated to manufacture (probably) due to changable parts issue. Groza..... Terror. Terrific. Horror. Horrific. Fear. Fearsome. Not only it is supposed to replace outdated ak's (not really outdted since IT IS the most widespread weapon in the world) but it also aims to show that SCAR program from USA sucks, 'cause Russians do it better. Smaller - lightweight and DEADLY. (sniper,lmg,assault rifle).:naughty: About M16 fans - please ask (if you know anyone) someone who has been in the vietnam war, how much problems did the rifle have in the harsh enviroment.:( About M4A1 - it really is a good rifle, no harsh words about it have i ever read.:lookaround: About AK series (russian produced) - THE KING STAYS ON HIS THRONE. :) AK-74 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia sorry for the wiki link - it is just to see a list of users of this magnificent weapon...:bows:hail to king- baby.... -- i fired with the AK series of weapons when i served in the military, never had problems with it altough it is not that i used it in war-time but it passed the water,mud,leaves,shocks and a number of all other really bad things (including firing bad ammunition-croatia doesn't have money for new ammo so we used ammo old 8-15 years - it still says JNA on the boxes....)- and it still worked (after cleaning of course).

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