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This is a Copy-Paste from the my GSC forums thread

This is some basic features I wan't in my "dream" mod: -Job dealers at each factions base, jobs can go from "Kill the stalker" to "Find the equipment" -Slower advancing of the factions; meaning that you can capture a camp and they won't counter attack 2 minutes after. -More variety in the faction wars, for example; Instead of gunning down an enemy base. You can "disguise" in some way (wear the factions suit?) and infiltrate the base from the inside. -Less anamolies around artefacts, so you can actually avoid being electrified or whatever each time you hunt for artefacts. -Also make artefacts turn visible when you are 5-7m from it, I can't count how many times I've stood (according to my sensor) right on top of a artefact, and it doesn't turn visible (or pickable for that matter) -Make it so when you trade you get the same price as the traders do. Meaning that if you wan't to sell your AK that's worth 2000 RU. It's actually worth that, not 200 RU. -Modify the Limansk area so you can go back once you enter there, also modify the quest so you have to talk to a Clear Sky guy there or the like to actually start the final quest (And point of no return). Also fill Limansk with a neutral faction, like Stalkers. Those are the most important I would like to do in my "dream" mod. There are could also be some "bonus" things in the mod. Like multiple skins for Stalkers, cut out mutants and the like. But that would'nt have as much importancy as the above stuff. As said before, I have almost no experience of modding Stalker, so the options for me is to either poke around for help and tips and do it myself. Or form a little team of some sort. I would prefer the latter to be honest. So. If anyone wants to help me on this (You don't have to "join" me to help, just give me tips and that stuff em_smile_01.gif ), just post here or give me a mail at: [EMAIL=""][EMAIL=""][/EMAIL][/EMAIL]

I'm done with the artefact visibility, Trading prices and Anamoly sizes. I need some help with the other stuff. Like the Faction Expansion Speed and the job dealer. Figured that this site may have some helpful members :) Cheers, Buddie P.S I have no idea why my text is italian fonted :S