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#1 11 years ago

Ive recently downloaded a repair mod for clear sky. Since then i made my own repair mod based on that one. Ive added my mod script file to the bind_stalker.script under the line: "function actor_binder:on_item_drop (obj)" just before the last end statement. The mod works fine, only problem is, when i sell the repair kit to a trader or another stalker, it actually repairs my stuff?!?! Im using the ATM sleeping bag mod as well.

Here is my code line in the "bind_stalker.script" file. Marked in [COLOR=Blue]blue[/COLOR] is my repair kit line that references to the "repairkit_basic_suit.script" file.

[COLOR=Black]function actor_binder:on_item_drop (obj) level_tasks.proceed(self.object) for k,v in pairs(task_manager:get_task_manager().task_info) do if(v.type=="bring_item" and v.state~="finished") then v:on_item_drop(obj) end end --game_stats.update_drop_item (obj, self.object) atmmain.on_item_drop(obj) [COLOR=Blue]repairkit_basic_suit.itemuse(obj)[/COLOR] end[/COLOR]

Maybe i put it in the wrong place? Do i have to write a new function specifically for the repair in the bind_stalker.script file?

Can someone please help?

Thanks in advance.