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#1 12 years ago

I am at Strelock's Stash Location (Agroprom underground) where I See the PDA near me, but I can't get It. What's the problem ? It is my main mission to get to Strelock's Stash, so, I enter there, I am near the PDA (0.8 meters distance), the first time I reach it, the game shows the (F) selection in order to grab it, I press F and NOTHING happens, I don't get the PDA and so the plot can not continue. Anyone any Help ???

Thanks in advance :confused:

P.S. I use the European 5.Sep.2008 Retail Version of the Game, I think the (included) patch of it is 1.0.1. I have done lots of progress and I don't want to loose my saved games with a newer patch


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#2 12 years ago
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You don't actually take his PDA. Press F to take it, and a recording starts playing, then your tasks should update and tell you where to go next.


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#3 12 years ago

My problem is that I press (F) when indicated but I hear no recording and get no update on the following task