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25th May 2008

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#1 12 years ago

my game crashes every time when I try to pass the road at the princes. He said that I should go to Limanski (or something like that) but my PDA sais that I should go to commander by the base of freedom

btw can somebody tell me how to spoiler things?

xrEngine.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "C:\Programme\Deep Silver\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky\bin\xrCore.dll" at 001B:0052B8A4, xrDebug::backend()+164 byte(s)

User Message: ---------------------------------------- Expression : fatal error Function : CInifile::r_string File : E:\priquel\sources\engine\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp Line : 453 Description : Arguments : Can't find variable additional_inventory_weight in [af_compass]

Edit: I've got the solution! 2 lines were missing in the artefacts.ltx file in the section of "[af_compass]:base", namely:

additional_inventory_weight = 0 additional_inventory_weight2 = 0