Problem when i'm helping freedom with destroying the merc base! -1 reply

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7th September 2008

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#1 9 years ago

I just got Clear sky, and updated it to the newest version, and installed a toolbox mod. But when i came to Dark Valley and was going to help freedom with destroying the merc base (some sort of tunnel behind , i cant seem to finish the mission. All that happened when i got ontop of the roof of the lab (X18 i think for those who have played SoC) and got a view of the tunnel, i had a radio message, and someone said somethinglike "A stalker have spottet us, abort mission and blow the tunnel" Than the tunnel got all blown up, and nothing else happened, my mission is not completed, and i cant even talk to the freedom leeder! And enough with that, i managed to overwrite all my savedgames that was before the explosion, so i cant try again. BTW, i didnt shoot a single merc at the lab, nor did the freedom.