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#1 9 years ago

This is an ok stalker clear sky torrent that u can find according to me, went through lot of trouble launching the game though


2 of the torrents rar files are corrupt (rld-stcs.r69,rld-stcs.r76)

u can fix the r69 corrupt file by over writting with rarfixed format of the same file through this torrent S.T.A.L.K.E.R.Clear.Sky.RARFIX-RELOADED.4402149.TPB or the link posted below by the uploader the new r69 file which u are going to overwrite will have a different file name u have to change it i guess.

but for r76 file u have to download a rar fix toolbox software RAR Recovery Toolbox 1.1.4 + Crack [h33t] [CaZoR] coz i got this torrent with good seed only from this site

then after fixing the rar files follow the normal procedure of installing the game unpack mount and install


After installation heres wat i did 1)installed patch 1.5.03 and coppied files from crack folder and overwritted with the files in the bin folder

2)i downloaded crack 1.5.04 along with patch



those are the file names jut google em then u can download em similarly installed patch and overwritted files in the bin foled with the files from the crack folder the above mentioned crack rar file has a folder called minimage just ignore it ithink its useless

3)then i downloaded and installed patch v1.5.07 and its crack

S.T.A.L.K.E.R._Clear_Sky_Patch_v1.5.07_&_Crack_[Multi7] u can find it both in this torrent

4)downloded v1.5.10 patch and crack and installed and overwritted both of em



5)i also downloaded travel fix patch and mod 1.1 bug fix just google these 2 file names and u can find it

bugfix_v_1_1 for stalker clear sky




I)After all this installed is still got the error saying fxgames.lxt is missing when i tried torun the game form xrengine.exe

then i copied the fxgame.lxt file to the bin folder

a new error showed up clear sky\bin\gamedata\config\system.lxt missing

reinstalling the game wont solve this problem

II)After all this series of installation copy the gamedata folder located in the stalker directory to the bin folder (gamedata folder is located in stalkers main directory).

Like there must me gamedata folder in bin folder and also outside it i mean also in the stalker directory

III)After all this also the xrengine.exe shows the same error message (ig u try launching the game from xengine.exe)

to fix this mount the image of this torrent then just double click on the virtual drive then press play

but don't launch it through autostarter the game wont run if u start it

remember just double click on the mounted virtual drive and play the game

i hope this was useful

I Guarantee that if the game launchs after this there will be some bugs(not really huge once that will ruin the game) no crashes and i completd the game. had 1 bug though the side mission remains active even after its complete.