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#31 14 years ago
MicFire999Yeah, this game is going to be amazing...but really buggy because of the AI, etc...

That why the release date was pushed back. Their current goal is to make sure everything works well and to try to take care of every single bug they can find. They won't release a game if they know it's buggy and players won't enjoy it because of that.

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#32 14 years ago

since its all unscripted they said the AI has alot of bugs...id rather wait 4 more months for a bug free game than a bug filled one now

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#33 14 years ago

exactly which sorta reminds me of half life 2. I was able to play it almost bug free with a bit of stutter but it was fine and looked good. But I hope that the game won't have too many bugs but I can't imagine it not. And if they can create almost a bug free game with the ai and vast environments that would be amazing. So the first people that get the game will most likely infrom them and theyw ill fix it with patches.