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19th June 2006

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#1 10 years ago

When STALKER first came out I (stupidly) bought the collectors edition... installed the game and played it for a bit (Not very far). I managed to get stalker to work (rather clunkily) on the following setup: 2gb ram AMD athlon(?) 64 3400+ processor Nvidia 6600 512mb (Not overclocked) However, the game was buggy and I stopped playing it for abit.... My 6600 burnt out (No idea why... was not overclocked :S) and yesterday the replacement came (under warranty): a Geforce 8500gt 512mb (Shite I know...) Anyway: I have a few questions: 1) Which patch should I download? I dont care about loosing my save game 2) Is there a good mod which will improve weapons base accuracy? I found all the weapons I used in my brief stint (Ak-74u, Bm2, Viper/mp5) to all be useless at ranges of more than 20 metres and I'm quite a good shot in other games.... the problem is down to the accuracy of the gun itself) 3) If you put stuff in one of the 'stashes' and leave it for awhile, will it stay there or will it disappear? 4)Any other good (simple) mods you would suggest? I'm not looking for major changes or total conversions... just small tweaks that would make the game more enjoyable without screwing up my game Thanks for the help... sorry for being a STALKER noob ;p

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#2 10 years ago

1. Go to patch 1.004 as most mods will only work with it.

2. As for weapon mods, here is a good one James Blake's Weapon Revamp Mod, Stalker Downloads, Stalker Weapon

Search Stalker, Stalker Downloads - FileFront.com for more

3. Depends on where the stash is, and if your running a mod that changes the stashes

4. Depends on what type of gameplay you want

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