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20th August 2007

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#11 12 years ago

i just love this video..its too funny..i wish i could make better vids and the game play smooth..well smooth for stalk any way.. YouTube - Green Goblin in Stalker Sky not going to install my dual core and have tons of problems just to record games..hmm maybe stalker has built in and perfect working movie record..the features because of radiation are hidden like its no place in the manual or well the game i bought did not even have quick save or quick load.. well the only way i could get saves to work at all.i had to esc then save.. then to windows then start the game that was sweet..great.. even more sweet before i read on -nointro hmm maybe key binds for driving or cam and anti rad and food are hidden too..maybe the inventory system works perfect too..and dag i have not played mp cause i thought it was all bugged up the few times i tried to play..its just built in to seem like less quality then sp.. dag im sorry gsc.. i understand now..its not poor quality junk after guys built it all in on purpose..gees you guys are great..i cant wait to see all the goodies of clear sky..dag maybe a few more melt downs clear sky will be the best game man has ever seen..hmm..:rolleyes:

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