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#1 11 years ago

:beer: Hello all. This is my first thread here so excuse me if I am not perfectly clear. I purchased the game last week and I have been trying to figure out how to find my way around the game. I have been grouping around the place doing some small jobs but all in all I feel lost. How does one use the PDA to find their way around? There are some places located on the PDA that I just cant find my way to. If I click on a job that is listed in my PDA shouldn't I get some form of directional assistance to find my way? Im not sure what I am doing wrong. I thought the mini map was supposed to be like a compass showing the way to go, but I think that is not the way to use it. Anyone who has suggestions to help please let me know. Also, I have my graphics set to minimum otherwise the game locks up. I have a DimensionE510 with 1 gig of RAM with a Pentium Dual Proc. I play most games with no problems. I have to turn some settings down with half life 2, but I can play that game with no prob. Whats the deal? Thanks. D


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#2 11 years ago

At the start of the game the trader asks you if you want to be treated like a rookie or assigned a task. If you tell him to treat you like a rookie he'll go into detail about how to use the PDA. You could temporarily relocate your saves (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\STALKER-SHOC\savedgames), start another game, watch the tutorial, then put you saves back and continue with your game. Basically the jobs are listed as Tasks on the menu strip at the bottom of the PDA. You can access them quickly via the P key, which goes to your active tasks by default. There will be a round green marker to the right of each task, when you click on it the map will show it's location. There will also be white markers with a person on them to show where to go to collect the reward. When you search corpses if you here a beep hit F again to clear the inventory menu and look at the lower left part of the screen where there will be text about a stash location he was using. You can also hit the square icon on the upper left of the PDA at any time after searching corpses that beep and look at the area around you for purple markers which show stash locations. Some purple markers will show locations of hits on STALKERS you will be assigned and mutant killing jobs.

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#3 11 years ago

be careful of the PDA it is ebil~~~ u need to look properly at ur objectives thou..... if its a white circle ur not on the same level (storey/watever u wanna say) as the objective only when its GREEN then u are on the right track i got my brain messed up when i first played the game too XD